Dutch pavilion created using mushrooms

mushrooms pavilion

The Growing Pavilion, a temporary structure made entirely from mushrooms and other bio-based projects, has recently recently taken centre stage at Dutch Design Week.

The pavilion was designed by Pascal Leboucq in collaboration with the Krown Design studio. According to bimstore, panels for the pavilion were made using mushroom mycelium and then attached to wooden frames.

According to bimstore, these can panels can be easily removed and re-attached, making them perfectly suited to being re-used or re-purposed in the future.

‚ÄúThere are a lot of bio-based materials but they can be hard to recognise at first, and they often stay at sample stage,” Leboucq said.

“I really wanted to make a bigger statement, so that a lot of people can discover this fantastic material.

“The idea of the Growing Pavilion started from the mushrooms, but it became bigger.”

Everything is built from plants and trees or agricultural waste.”

The outer panels of the frames were coated in a bio-based substance produced by the Inca people in Mexico.