Underground could heat 100 London homes

london underground

Researchers believe that through using the London underground, the same amount of heat can be produced by using just 1/3 of a gas boiler’s carbon emissions.

Through new legislation, the UK Government are preventing gas boilers being used in new construction from 2025.

Due to this attempt to cub emissions, there is now a real effort throughout the industry to find sustainable alternatives.

“We now need to take this from a desk study to some practical demonstrations,” says Graeme Maidment, an LBSU professor of air conditioning and refrigeration engineering.

“What we’re proposing doesn’t necessarily need a large cable tunnel. It could be any power cable running in the ground and you could put a pipe next to it to absorb heat.”

The researchers, from London South Bank University, have discovered that by using just a 1.8km stretch of some of London’s underground ventilation shafts, enough could be produced to heat around 100 homes.

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