London Borough of Greenwich announces digital twin project

London digital twin project

Digital Twin is being implemented by the London Borough of Greenwich. 

The Borough are looking to increase the level of sustainable energy throughout London and believe Digital Twin can play a key role in this.

As part of the EU ‘Sharing Cities’ programme, the system has been evaluating the impact in financial and CO2 savings over 50 days.

“Using a digital twin provides the benefit of being able to do a design and test it before making all of the investments at ground level,” said Victor Sellwood, Senior Consultant in power technologies at Siemens, who were involved in the project.

“We can do all the simulations and begin to build up a picture of the impacts.”

The OnDijon smart city project – recently launched in Dijon, France – involves remotely managing urban equipment of all the metropolis’ 23 municipalities from a connected control centre. This is expected to save 65% of the city’s energy usage over the next 12 years.

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