Why agile working is the future of office design

an agile workspace design

Office designs have undergone a transformation in recent times as a new generation of employees have entered the workforce.

‘Agile working’ is the latest trend in workplace design. The concept of agile working is based around  employees working in a space that will fit them best and maximise their productivity.

Different types of tasks suit different types of layout. Quieter, more secluded areas would be better for the kind of work that requires high levels of concentration, while group tasks or brainstorming sessions for example would perhaps be better suited to more communal areas.

Interior designer Stephanie Allen explains the concept in this way:

“Is there … stand-up meeting locations where you can quickly spread out plans or designs and immediately collaborate? Huddle rooms where more sensitive discussions can be held more privately? An area expressly for innovation that allows for pinups and sticky notes and tracking the progress of ideations and concepting?”

Knotel’s associate director of design strategy, Mike Koons, believes that the more freedom employees have, the more productive they will be:

“Research continues to show that employees feel most productive when they have control over their own work environment.

“No one-size-fits-all mould can adequately be calibrated to the range of jobs and employee preferences out there. Adjustability and variety go a long way toward keeping employees happy and productive.”

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