Susan Brattberg: Things Spock taught us about BIM

Keynote speaker at BIM Show Live 2017, Susan Brattberg

As part of our BIM Show Live 2017 preview, we asked with Susan Brattberg from Global eTraining to talk us through her seminar ahead the show.

Susan is, Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer of Global eTraining and will be presenting on Day 1, at 3.30pm.

Susan is a member of the Canada BIM Council Board of Directors, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Alberta Women Entrepreneurs Finalist, and Business in Calgary Award Winner. With a decade of expertise in implementing innovative training programmes for organisations of all sizes and industries, she is a trusted source of training advice by top executives at major global corporations, universities and government agencies.

This interactive and humorous talk will draw parallels between Star Trek character Spock and the way we think about BIM. Using quotes from Spock, we will try to understand the more nuanced side of successful BIM management, including the importance of information and how to set up your BIM for success. While BIM is a popular concept, some details are poorly understood.

This talk will offer a fun setting to look at the more complex challenges and pitfalls that surround BIM implementation that can help the targeted audience of BIM Managers, Project Managers, BIM Experts and Star Trek Enthusiasts.

Herein lies important learning objectives to understand the components of a solid BIM foundation; understand the requirements for information in BIM; understand the limitations of the cloud and how to work around them, and utilise collaboration strategies (technological and otherwise).

Susan Brattberg, Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer of Global eTraining

BIM Show Live, Day 1, 3.30pm