Scott Ellis: Bricking It!

BIM Voice Scott Ellis

Trusted BIM Voice, Scott Ellis from Aros Architects spoke with BIMcrunch ahead of his talk at BIM Show Live 2017. Scott will open the Data Seminar Stream on the morning of Day 1 and will share his apophony into data mining and his unhealthy obsession with Lego!

Speaking with BIMcrunch, Scott gave a synopsis of his talk and stressed the importance of not only understanding the model but the data which goes into creating it, and how to overcome the element of human-error.

I’m sure that at some point you have looked at what you are doing and thought, ‘there must be an easier way to do this’. For me, this point came as I was detailing a complex brick façade to determine the number of special and cut bricks for a builder to get manufactured off site. That’s when I started ‘bricking it’.

There’s a high degree of human error in analytically dissecting the model to produce the required information. I was sure there must be a more accurate way of doing it, as a model holds so much data.

That’s when I came across ‘Legolisation’. This is a process where an object is scanned to create a surface model. This is then taken and formulated to determine the quantity, form and colour of Lego bricks to be used to create the surface model. And, one step further than this, it also scripts the sequence in which it would need to be constructed.

But how can the Lego methodology be deployed onto building projects?

I started to look at the data that was available to me try to understand how learning what I have from Legalisation I could resolve my Brick problem. But I didn’t stop there, it got me thinking – how can we design with data? How can this process fit into a BIM workflow?

‘Bricking it!’ will be a discussion on data, what it is and how it can be used. Legolisation will be used as an example of what other industries are doing digitally and what we can learn from a similar process. The talk will end with a discussion on what tools are available at the moment to analyse the data. I will also be discussing how in order to solve my ‘Brick Problem’ I have had to use a combination of different software platforms in order to achieve the results I am looking for.

The topics and projects that will be discussed are current ‘live’ construction projects and case studies as part of further research that is being conducted at the University of Middlesex.
Scott Ellis, BIM Manager, Aros Architects

BIM Show Live Day 1, 11:45am