Olly Thomas: Fluffy Stuff!

Olly Thomas

As part of our series of talks with leading BIM experts who will be presenting at BIM Show Live 2017, Olly Thomas from BIM Technologies gave us a preview of what we can expect from his seminar, entitled; “Getting The ‘Fluffy’ Sh!*te Right…”

Olly will be speaking in the Strategy Stream on Day 1 and will be looking at how to define, procure and capture the data organisations need through the design, construction and operational phases of an asset-lifecycle.

Often the protocols and procedures of a BIM project are referred to as the “fluffy stuff”, and the 3D modelling, visualisation and coordination are considered the exciting elements of digital construction – the processes and procedures are simply seen as a means to an end.

In the early days of BIM – over five years ago – many developed their own Employers Information Requirements (EIR), BIM Execution Plans and MIPD. These were often huge documents, collated from knowledge captured from around the world and the major downside to this is that large flow charts and protocols would often scare people off.

Early discussions with clients about digital deliverables and asset or facilities management were questions which had never before been asked of development teams. These questions had previously been left to the end of construction rather than at the beginning of design.

The focus in these early days was typically on the quality of the model and how well it was coordinated. A large proportion of the time was spent helping the client understand the process or encouraging the design team to work collaboratively.

However, times are changing and over the past five years our level of understanding has increased immensely with many clients seeing the value of a digital asset for building operation, not just design and construction.

This has encouraged departments within client organisations, which may never have collaborated, to see the value of early engagement.

How did we get to this stage? By harnessing the power of data. Development teams now work closely with facilities management and at the start of a project an asset management platform is discussed or the approach to soft landings set out.

At BIM Show Live I’ll be looking at the way we have developed over the past five years using, examples of clients who have benefited from this evolving integrated approach.

I will discuss how Real Estate Investment Trusts such as Great Portland Estates and Derwent London are using their digital assets on live projects and how Argent has put in place site-wide protocols across both their Kings Cross and Brent Cross developments, plus how it has benefitted from the fluffy stuff!

I will also look at how Imperial College London has put digital workflows at the heart of their development programme.

Each of these clients see the value of digital information and have defined what data their organisations need, not just at the design phase, but all the way through from construction to operational phases of the assets lifecycle.

Olly Thomas, Associate Director, BIM Technologies

BIM Show Live, Day 1, 4.30pm