The Big 5 : BIM Show Live Keynote Speakers

Boiler Shop, Newcastle

BIM Show Live has an enviable line up of five impressive keynote speakers, all of whom will present a unique perspective on digital construction, emerging technologies and collaboration.

These keynote speeches will not only capture the essence of the show, but demonstrate that combining innovation, digital technologies and intelligent execution creates better physical, economical, environmental and social buildings and infrastructures for the world we live in not only today, but tomorrow and beyond.


09:50     Mark Shayler, Director, Ape

10:30     James Pellatt, Head of Projects, Great Portland Estate

13:30     Stuart Maggs, CEO, Scaled Robotics


09:35     Nell Watson, Founder Life

13:45     Peter Runacres, Senior Projects Director, Argent

Mark Shayler, Director, Ape

BIM Show Live 2017 keynote speaker Mark ShaylerMark is an innovation and environmental advisor, working with giants of their industry such as Nike, Samsung, Coca Cola and Amazon to name but a few.

Mark is a; sustainability expert, rebel, hippy, innovator, author, public speaker, (failed rugby player), dad to four, founding partner of the Do Lectures…. and the list goes on and on.

Mark has the rare talent of being able to bring all that he is to all that he does, and succeed. He is one of the world’s “doers” and hence is Founder of Do Lectures and author of Do Disrupt.

Throughout his career, Mark has saved his clients over £120 million through doing things better, he has increased footfall in retail by three-fold and increased sales by 8000%.

His most recent project, Rebel Cell helps build start-ups inside large organisations by finding and accelerating the best people and ideas within the business.

James Pellatt, Head of Projects, Great Portland Estate

BIM Show Live 2017 keynote speaker James PellattJames is Head of Projects at Great Portland Estates a FTSE 250 Real Estate Investment Trust specialising in development and investment of property in Central London.

James is responsible for all capital expenditure within GPE and leads the delivery of their development programme. Over his career James has successfully developed over 10 million square feet of commercial office space in London, Paris, Brussels and New York.

He takes a keen interest in the changing nature of the workplace and the opportunities presented by technology to continue to improve the development and occupation of buildings.

Stuart Maggs, CEO, Scaled Robotics

BIM Show Live 2017 keynote speaker Stuart MaggsStuart is the Founder and CEO of Scaled Robotics a Barcelona based company building robots for construction. With a background in Architecture and Design, Stuart is passionate about construction technology.

At Scaled Robotics, Stuarts goal is to digitise construction, bridging the gap between digital design and physical construction. Much of his work focuses on working out how to build things difficulty, bringing together a synergy of technology and design.

Nell Watson, FBCS FIAP FRSA, Founder Life

BIM Show Live 2017 keynote speaker Nell WatsonNell Watson is an engineering technologist and futurist thinker. With a specialism in cognitive science and artificial intelligence, Nell lectures globally on human-machine relations and is a Faculty member of the Singularity University in California, USA.

In 2010 Nell founded Poikos (now QuantaCorp), a machine learning-driven platform for body scanning. Nell’s patented technology dematerialises the 3D body scanner, by providing accurate 3D scans of the body with only 2D camera hardware, such as that found within smartphones, or laptops. This can then be applied to a range of markets, such as mass customisation and health and well-being. Nell is also Co-Founder of, an ethical explication engine, that aims to crowdsource ethical heuristics for autonomous systems.

Through her talks and lectures Nell uses her own experiences, entrepreneurial spirit and ability to detect emerging technologies to empower individuals and organisations to break through the norm and seek out new technology such as artificial intelligence, robotics and digital biology.

Peter Runacres, Senior Projects Director, Argent

BIM Show Live 2017 keynote speaker Peter RunacresPeter joined Argent in 2012. He is part of the commercial team and is managing delivery of Google’s UK headquarters at King’s Cross. Peter works closely with the Google project team on the design and delivery of this 1million sq ft headquarters building.

Peter is also responsible for two other commercial developments on the Kings Cross estate totalling c. 600,000 sq ft, overseeing the design supply chain management and supporting the incorporation of innovation in Argent’s developments. Peter’s background is in Architecture. He is a fully qualified Architect, completing both degrees and the RIBA Part 3 Professional exam at Nottingham University.

Peter has worked in the UK, Asia and the Middle East on projects ranging from the Al Bahr towers in Abu Dhabi, Holland Park School and New Street Square. He was also involved in the Egan initiative – Rethinking Construction – which looked to improve quality and efficiency in UK construction. Peter has a particular interest in innovation, sustainability and IPD.

Image: © Boiler Shop / Stephenson Works