BIM Show Live releases details of the Strategy seminar stream

BIM Show Live Strategy


BIM Show Live releases details of the Strategy seminar stream

BIM Crunch brings you the details of the fourth and final seminar stream for BIM Show Live 2017; Strategy.  By definition a strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim. And BIM delivery is most certainly a long-term aim.  With the introduction of BIM by the then BIM Task Group in 2011 with the aim for BIM to be used in all centrally procured construction projects by 2016, can we say we have achieved this?

BIM Show Live looks at the state of the nation, where we are now, what we have achieved in the past five years and what indeed is our aim for the future as our industry continues to digitise.

Opening the Strategy stream on Day 1 are Sarah Rock and Ashleigh Cole of Herbert Smith Freehills – wonder women of our industry.  Taking to the stage with their golden lasso of truth and indestructible bracelets, Sarah and Ashleigh will guide us through what is required legally to implement Level 2 BIM.

Next we hear from Emma Hooper from Metz Architects exploring the connections between Integrated Project Insurance (IPI) and BIM, using examples from the strategy behind the world’s first IPI project at Dudley College.

Following Emma is Susan Brattberg from Global eTraining, clearly a trekky, as Susan’s mission is to explore new BIM worlds, seek out new practices and to boldly go where no BIM-expert has gone before. Live long and prosper Susan!

Well, what can we say about the final speaker for Day 1, Ollie Thomas from BIM Technologies.  Not messing about with his words, Ollie gives us an honest look at BIM, telling it straight about what we actually need to be doing and discarding the fluffy stuff.

Rob Charlton CEO of Space Group and one of the strategists behind BIM Show Live said: “We wanted hard-hitting content for the Strategy seminars, something people can really relate to and take away from the show.  BIM implementation has many faces depending on who you are within our industry and to get a view from each end of the spectrum makes for an excellent conversation starter.  Our aim is to get people talking, about what they know, what they’ve learned and what they are going to do next.”

Day 2 begins with an operational look at BIM. Radi Gidei from Grimshaw delves into the realms of IT, data and software, focusing on BIM workflows that can span multi-disciplinary teams and projects.

Up next is Elliot Crossby from BDP with tips on how to better organise and manage a design team through each stage of a project, with tried and tested BIM workflows adopted by BDP.

The penultimate talk takes the “Black Box Thinking” approach, as a trio from David Miller Architects explain how they use this approach in their digital design process. Talking through a unique set of project case studies, Tom Murphy, Andrew Wood and Lauren Westpfel describe their Black Box Thinking methods, which have also been adopted by companies such as Google, Dyson and the Team Sky cycling team.

Closing the Strategy stream is Anthony Harte from James & Ward with how his practice has grown its BIM offerings and capabilities organically.  By adapting its focus to meet the shifting requirements and needs of its clients.

BIM is far from a static process and just as the industry is constantly evolving, so too is BIM and how we use this to both our own, and our clients’ advantage.

All four seminar streams; Data, Stories, Next Generation and Strategy will go live on the official BIM Show Live 2017 website next week:



12:00                     Digital Construction’s Wonder Women presents; The Justice Legals of BIM

Sarah Rock & Ashleigh Cole, Herbert Smith Freehills

13:45                     Integrated Project Insurance: turning construction on its head…because BIM alone cannot do it!

Emma Hooper, Metz Architects

14:30                     Things Spock Taught Us About BIM

Susan Brattberg, Global eTraining

16:30                     Getting The ‘Fluffy’ Sh!*te Right… Organisational Information Requirements

What Data Do You Need

Ollie Thomas, BIM Technologies



10:00                     From DevOps to BIMOps

Radi Gidei, Grimshaw

11:45                     How to flourish in a collaborative environment: Design Technology in BDP

Elliot Crossby, BDP

14:30                     Design by “Black Box Thinking”

Tom Murphy, Andrew Wood & Lauren Westpfel, David Miller Architects

16:00                     Growing BIM Organically, without all the BS!!$£

Anthony Harte, James & Ward