BIM Show Live releases details of its Next Generation seminar streams

BIM Show Live Next Generation


BIM Show Live releases details of its Next Generation seminar streams

BIM Crunch takes a sneak peek into the technology of tomorrow which will be showcased at BIM Show Live in February 2017.

A constriction industry event known for its less than conventional methods, BIM Show Live once again promises to deliver on the wow-factor with its industry insights into the technology which is shaping the future, to enable a digitally built Britain.

Opening the Next Generation seminar stream on Day 1 will be James Austin from Autodesk and Adam Ward from BIM Technologies, reliving the moment when they opened the original show some five years ago. In 2011 they looked at the introduction of drones, laser scanning, augmented reality and machine learning – which were scarcely used at the time. But look at us now.  So, fast forward to present day and what can we expect James and Adam to predict for 2017 and beyond?

Next to the stage will be Radu Gidei from Grimshaw, with the data science of machine learning and how this can be practically applied to BIM – looks like James and Adam were right!

Hadeel Safaa Saadoon and David Clark from Queen’s University Belfast will deliver the next session with an offsite perspective.  With offsite construction being hailed as the next big thing to future-proof house building, they will discuss how BIM’s natural strengths, which lean towards upfront planning and coordination, are a perfect fit with what offsite construction is all about.

Closing the sessions for Day 1 will be Elliot Crossley from BDP with a more philosophical view on technology, yes we need it but it will never replace the human element needed for creativity and empathy with a project.

Adam Ward, Director at BIM Technologies and one of the founding partners of BIM Show Live said: “Advances in technology are constantly evolving, we live in an era where connectivity and interactivity is paramount to businesses and we use data as the driver.”

“This exciting line up of speakers and industry talent will not only bring new ideas but inspiration to BIM Show Live, enabling delegates to experience new ways of working from a technological perspective.”

Day 2 starts with a little photographic magic as Mike Turpin from Capita and Rob Clark from Excitech walk us through a project on which they used photogrammetry.  Don’t know what this is or what it does?  At the end of Mike and Rob’s session you will and you’ll want to use it on your next project too!

Another duo take on session two, looking to fill the skills shortage gap. Can technology facilitate this or it is all just a game! Listen to Timothy Hegarty from Ardvisory and David Comiskey from University of Ulster to find out.

After lunch Shaun Farrell from Turner Townsend looks at augmented reality, taking an honest look at the true benefits to what it can do for the construction industry, gauge for yourself if Shaun is a sceptic or a realist.

And is BIM Show Live leaving the best for last? As Malachy Mathews from the Dublin Institute of Technology takes us to a new BIM dimension.

BIM Crunch lists the full Next Generation stream seminar programme below, which is due to go live on the official BIM Show Live 2017 website next week:



12:00                     We have done this before: An objective look at BIM

James Austin, Autodesk & Adam Ward, BIM Technologies

13:45                     Machine learning: a practical application in BIM

Radu Gidei, Grimshaw

14:30                     O_BIM! Offsite Construction and BIM

Hadeel Safaa Saadoon & David Clark, Queen’s University Belfast

16:30                     Technology is the Future of Architecture, but it won’t replace you

Elliot Crossley, BDP



10:00                     Photogrammetry – Making pointcloud magic from drones and photos

Mike Turpin, Capita & Rob Clark, Excitech

11:45                     BeIMCraft – The construction skills shortage solved

Timothy Hegarty, Ardvisory & David Comiskey, University of Ulster

14:30                     Augmented Reality Great or Gimmick

Shaun Farrell, Turner Townsend

16:00                     BIM + Blockchain

Malachy Mathews, Dublin Institute of Technology


The final set of seminars will be released tomorrow, watch this space for details on Strategy and who does what and why.