WATCH – The B1M release three videos from their Constructing Content event

How can the world of construction tap into the online video market that so many sectors such as news, music, comedy, gaming, beauty, food & drink and television are benefiting from? A recent event hosted by The B1M aimed to demonstrate just that.

Held in conjunction with YouTube at Google’s London HQ, Constructing Content is the first annual event of its kind, highlighting the capabilities and possibilities of visual content online to construction professionals, with a preference for how that can apply to Building Information Modelling.

Three videos recorded at the event have been uploaded to YouTube, and feature the B1M’s Co-Founders Fred Mills and Tom Payne, and Siobhan Freegard OBE, the Founder of Netmums.

The elephant in the article may be questioning knowledge that Siobhan has relating to construction, but it is in fact the knowledge and expertise she demonstrated regarding video content that was invaluable gold dust to those in attendance, and will be inspiring for you watching at home. If the parenting industry can revolutionise itself thanks to video, why can’t construction? Siobhan’s approach is testament to how video works and the logic behind her business’ successful methods will be very useful to you.

Fred and Tom also address the audience in separate presentations, looking at why The B1M believe video is so beneficial for construction, and just how it can achieve results.

“YouTube last year announced 400 hours of video is uploaded to the site every minute,” explained Tom. “If one person tries to watch today’s content, it would take them 65 years.”

With so much content available that is rapidly increasing in numbers by the day, why is construction a non-entity in this sphere?

“I see amazing people, amazing feats of engineering that we deliver year after year,” notes Fred in his frank and honest presentation. “I see potential. I see rising stars; I see innovation. Most of all I can see the future of what we can be.

“If we can get this right, if we can leverage this digital shift, if we can mobilise that change with awesome video content then the world that everyone lives their lives in and operates their business in will be improved.”

Watch the playlist of videos filmed at Constructing Content below. Don’t forget to follow The B1M on Twitter, and also visit their official website.



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