WATCH – The B1M discuss what BIM can’t do

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

Whilst a Building Information Modelling process can make a momentous difference and transform fortunes of building, infrastructure and landscape projects, it is not the work of miracles; BIM isn’t the answer to every problem.

With that notion in mind, the latest video from The B1M ponders what BIM can’t do. Despite revolutionising the architecture, engineering and construction space, there is only so much implementing BIM will lead to.

Changing the success of a business overnight, preventing human error from occurring (although BIM can curb that) and making you more attractive to Taylor Swift(?!) are just some of the points listed that BIM is unable to help you with. If you think any of those things, then I knew you were trouble when you walked in. And now we got bad blood.

In regards projects team members making mistakes and how BIM addresses those errors, Fred Mills says: “BIM is not magic. It’s a process developed by people and undertaken by people, and if you cut corners or put bad information in then you’re going to get bad information and bad results out.

“Information modelling environments expose bad practice and make it easier to identify. In that sense BIM could lead to fewer errors in your information over time as the mind-set of project teams gradually changes. But it is unlikely to happen instantly. It comes down to people. As a process BIM is a great tool but it takes the skill and integrity of people to use that tool effectively.”

Watch the video below. Like Taylor Swift, we think The B1M will never go out of style.

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