WATCH – Michelmersh Brick Holdings launch BIM Bricks website

Credit: Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC
Credit: Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC

British brick manufacturer Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC (MBH PLC) have launched a one-stop website dedicated to sharing their abundance of Building Information Modelling objects and resources.

Michelmersh’s brand new BIM portal is now live, and is suitable for “designers, contractors, facilitators and BIM managers to visit, explore, download and interact with freely available files and product information”. BIM is the only place other than bimstore where MBH PLC’s BIM content can be downloaded, and boasts the largest collection of their products in BIM-compliant formats.

Products available to download include bricks, handmade tiles and machine made pavers.

“ is aimed at helping designers and architects, aided by the launch of our short film animation,” explained Frank Hanna, Joint Chief Executive Officer of MBH PLC. “The website offers a clean, simple place to access all the new high resolution BIM data, catalogues and certifications of all our products to use in their projects.

“The rapid changes in technology and building practices means it is essential to have a platform that can keep up to speed with government policies for professionals, assist in creativity and provide information for the construction management processes of the future built environment.

“Sustainability is a vital component of heavy industry practices and the concept of BIM is aimed right at the heart of this, actively encouraging builders and manufacturers to work in a green and collaborative way, reducing waste and saving money.”

The aforementioned animation referenced by Hanna is available to view below, and perfectly puts over the benefits of BIM. View that below.

Visit the brand new BIM by clicking here. BIM Bricks can also be followed on Twitter.

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