Scottish Futures Trust enlist Glasgow Caledonian University to help Scotland mandate BIM

The Scottish Futures Trust (SFT), one of the key companies leading Scotland’s Building Information Modelling mandate plans have awarded a consultancy contract to a university.

Glasgow Caledonian University have been enlisted to deliver consultancy and training to industry in the run up to April 2017. According to the Associate Dean at GCU, their influence will help a sector “struggling to find its feet”, reports The Construction Index.

“The government strategy has generated a lot of interest in BIM within the construction industry. However, a large section of industry still appears to be struggling to find its feet as to what it needs to have in place before BIM-based projects become a mainstream reality,” explained the aforementioned Colin Murchison.

“There are various prerequisites that need to be in place, mostly in relation to process protocols and standards, before the UK government’s ambitions for achieving the productivity and other improvements through BIM can be achieved.

“One of the key factors to achieving successful supply-chain integration in the construction sector is the accuracy, effective flow and intelligent use of information, which BIM will encourage. The SFT project will allow us to capture the lessons learned from nominated projects and puts GCU at the heart of the implementation of this exciting new development in the construction industry.”

The SFT are one of the groups responsible for ensuring that Scotland’s AEC industry are ready for the 2017 mandate. Other driving forces as part of the Scottish BIM Delivery Group include the BIM Supplier Group Scotland network and of course, the Scottish Government.

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Image Credit: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg