Mayor of Trinec conducts construction meeting, addresses BIM potential

Credit: Archiv MěÚ Třinec
Credit: Archiv MěÚ Třinec

The mayor of a town in the Czech Republic has called a AEC-related meeting, encouraging the community to give their thoughts of achieving higher quality within construction.

Vera Palkovsky invited the likes of architects and structural engineers to debate ways that their town could garner greater success, and Building Information Modelling was at the centre of the conversation.

Vera stated that there is an “urge to better quality in all phases of the construction process from design through supplier selection to implementation and handover”, which BIM processes would help manage to a major degree.

“The city will go towards a standardized preparation of projects, which is the very important first step for all subsequent parts of the building,” explained Vera. “We decided to use the BIM process, resulting in a clear layout of the project according to the investor’s requirements and specific idea about the future outcome. It brings less extra work and problems in the actual building.”

“Taking off a new era of European funds and Trinec wants to invest in further development of the city. Therefore, we strive for higher quality at all stages of construction and is encouraged to maintain the principles of decency, respectability and satisfaction of participants in the construction process. BIM is one of the ways to achieve this.”

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