Landscape Institute share advice: “There is no silver bullet to become BIM level 2 compliant”

Credit: Landscape Institute
Credit: Landscape Institute

The Landscape Institute‘s support for practices wishing to successful implement Building Information Modelling workflows is the subject of a new online article.

Chair of the LI’s BIM Working Group, Mike Shilton has provided his thoughts on guidance the institute can offer, explaining that firms are not to worry that they are not getting grips with change quickly: “Practices are not going to become BIM compliant overnight. There is no silver bullet to become BIM level 2 compliant and it will evolve based on the projects you undertake and clients with which you work.”

Creating a BIM implementation plan is the critical cornerstone of advice Shilton gives, explaining that this is the first port of call for an landscape practice.

“The first step is to create a BIM implementation plan. This is your company’s blueprint for introducing BIM over a period of time. It should align to your business plan and company aspirations. We recommend that with every project you seek to develop a “BIM win”, i.e. a new process, system, procedure, software purchase, training, etc. that can be introduced to move you along your BIM timeline.

“Talk to your clients and design partners and discuss how they will be assessing compliance. Consider clients you wish to work with in the future and see what they are asking for. Once you understand the outputs you need to provide, review what changes are required to deliver them and with every project consider how this can be achieved.”

The complete article can be read here, and will also be featured in the next edition of BIM Today, due for release on February 5th.

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