Industry reacts to Knauf’s BIM training courses

Credit: Knauf
Credit: Knauf

“Our staff found the day’s session very informative and useful – it’s good to see a manufacturer taking the lead”.

That was the positive feedback from a contractor client relating to a training workshop delivered UK-based building materials manufacturer, one that is taking action into its own hands to encourage Building Information Modelling adoption within its supply chain partners.

Knauf have been conducting one-day introductory BIM courses recently, with more scheduled for the next coming months. The reaction to them – some of which have been in partnership with the Kent BIM Region – has been positive, as can be viewed in the aforementioned quote from Baxall Construction‘s MD, Malcolm Clarke.

More positive feedback to recent sessions came from Ilford-based Excel Plastering. They attended a 30-strong workshop in Knauf’s training centre at its headquarters, The Cube. Excel’s Clare Brewer said: “It was an excellent day’s training and I would wholly recommend it. We’re now looking towards becoming ‘BIM ready’ because our clients do a lot of government work and we need to be able to read drawings and get to the point where our estimators can use BIM in their calculations.”

Specification Online reports that Knauf initiated this series of training as they feel there is a lack of training offered by accredited bodies. They have also noticed in particular that a lack of understanding is present within the second tier contracting community.

“So far all the attention in introducing BIM has been aimed at the developers, specifiers and architects and not enough upon the specialist contractors,” explained another attendee to Knauf’s sessions, Joe Cilia, Technical Manager at FIS. “This course developed by Knauf makes a significant contribution to redressing the balance.”

“Being BIM ready or BIM compliant is the buzz phrase that we hear with increasing regularity as we approach the 2016 imposed deadline for [Government] projects to be delivered to BIM Level 2, but so far there has been little information on what the specialist contractors have to do and where they get relevant information from.”

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