AUDIO – Imperial College London talk connectivity between BIM and drones

ICL's Colin Smith of Communications and Public Affairs with their Department of Aeronautics' Dr. Mirko Kovac. Credit: Imperial College London
ICL’s Colin Smith of Communications and Public Affairs with their Department of Aeronautics’ Dr. Mirko Kovac. Credit: Imperial College London

A new audio interview conducted at Imperial College London has magnified the relationship between Building Information Modelling processes and drones, in particular their connectivity in areas affected by natural disasters.

Colin Smith of ICL’s Communications and Public Affairs department visited the education establishment’s Department of Aeronautics to speak with Dr. Mirko Kovac about the potential of drones. They discussed a particular 3D printing functionality:

“We had recent progress in building 3D printing robots which would be platforms that would fly and deposit layers of materials to build up larger structures,” explained Kovac.

Discussing the plan for an ability to 3D print sheltering in disaster situations (referring to an earthquake example), Kovac stated: “We have now expanded into a larger multidisciplinary program. The drones would fly to the site and observe what is happening. Once the site has been identified where shelters would be needed, then we can create a virtual model off-site and send the drones with materials on-board.

“They [drones] could go to places emergency services cannot, but they can also reach places where people can go to but it would be too dangerous.”

The aforementioned observation would refer to the scanning of the disaster-stricken landscape, which would then be modelled using a BIM platform. Following the modelling on the entire area, teams could select suitable spots to place shelters, and the drones would extrude necessary materials.

Listen to the audio, and read more accompanying information in an article over at Imperial College London’s website.

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