Alfa College in The Netherlands to begin BIM training programme

Credit: Alfa College
Credit: Alfa College

135 students studying six disciplines are to come together at a Dutch college for a new initiative set to address energy and sustainability.

Alfa College in Groningen, The Netherlands is to bring together individuals studying architecture, electrical engineering, engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and human technology, and allow them collaborate to build an industrial building virtually.

In teams, the students must make their project sustainable and energy efficiency, and they will be educated on Building Information Modelling to realise the efficiencies they need.

Two of the staff working with the students have BIM knowledge, so will lead the training. Elsewhere industry experts will provide guest tutelage, including Jeroen van den Berg of Hanze University and Jeroen Jansen of i-NRG.

“Energy and sustainability are regularly addressed in the technical training. However, we notice that it is increasingly important that the various technical disciplines work together in the field of sustainability,” explained Training Manager at Alfa, Henk Huberts.

“We want students prepared [to] work together and appreciate each other’s expertise and commitment. That’s why we start with this educational project.”

More on the story can be read over at Groningen Nieuws.

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