Aamodt / Plumb showcase AIA Design Award winning BIM project

Credit: Casey Dunn
Credit: Casey Dunn

Award-winning architecture and interiors firm Aamodt / Plumb have shared information about their foray into Building Information Modelling, a design and build family home project with a tight twelve month timeline.

In Austin, Texas, architects Mette Aamodt and Andrew Plumb decided that BIM implementation was necessary ensure that the requirements of the clients’ specification were adhered to, such as energy efficiency. Off-site manufacturing, sustainable resources and even wood preserved using a unique, ancient Japanese method were utilised to create the dream home by Lake Austin.

“Twelve months is extremely fast!” explained Mette Aamodt to Inhabitat. “Twelve months made us realize that we had to think very differently about how to do this project. What we did was to redesign the process of building a house.

“All in all, the house is easygoing and comfortable yet open, welcoming, bright and modern. That’s how Austin feels to us.”

Once a complete BIM had been created of the dwelling’s design, work began creating the home’s panels off-site. When they arrived, Risinger Homes lent a hand completing the site prep work and the foundation. Their Founder Matt Risinger commented:

“We were able to frame the house in just two weeks, That’s pretty incredible for a 6,000 square foot custom home.” Sounds like a result of a BIM process to us!

Since it’s completion, the house, which almost reached passive energy standards before extra measures were carried out, was awarded the 2015 AIA Austin Design Award, and it is well-deserving if you ask us.

Want to know why the house won the award? Watch the below video to find out.

Read more about the home and view additional images of the site and project plans here.

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