Wolff & Müller praise Dobrindt’s BIM plans for Germany: “Every revolution needs revolutionaries”

Credit: Wolff & Müller
Credit: Wolff & Müller

The Managing Director of an international building company has praised the uptake of Building Information Modelling in Germany, paying particular respect to the government’s Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Alexander Dobrindt.

Matthias Jacob, MD of Wolff & Müller shared his thoughts with Immobilien Zeitung, explaining that it is down to developers and investors to dictate how quickly BIM will be interspersed in Germany, but government officials are thankfully also doing their bit to promote awareness and take-up.

“Every revolution needs revolutionaries. This also applies Building Information Modelling,” writes Jacob. “Important is the role of builders and investors. You can join the revolution by not only watching BIM, but actively demand.

“Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt … wants to establish BIM 2020 as a new standard for transport infrastructure projects. Although this is a positive signal, [it’s] only the beginning. Because BIM is worth[y] not only in tunnel and bridge construction, but also and especially in building construction.”

It really is refreshing to see a rise in conversation regarding BIM in Germany. Since Dobrindt’s announcement that BIM will be made mandatory on all transport projects in 2020, it is great to see the industry reacting positively.

Just last week, we covered Deutsche Bahn and Arup‘s government pilot project, Tunnel Rastatt. Earlier today, that conversation was continued with a visual look at the project with positive comments from the project team within.

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