WATCH – “Where Do I Start?” The B1M propose BIM first steps

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

If you’re looking to implement Building Information Modelling on one of your projects for the first time but haven’t the foggiest idea of how and where to start, the latest video from The B1M could be the trigger to pulling off a case of ‘New Year, New Me’.

In a first for the channel in its near four year history, both of the company’s Co-Founders Fred Mills and Tom Payne appear in a video together, with the two of them taking it in turns to give our their advice to those who are just starting their BIM journey. The video is split into several sections relating to particular disciplines within a project lifecycle such as contractor and manufacturer.

The visual ponders what topics you need to get your head around when wishing to utilise BIM: think of the video and the subsequent others that is refers to as the stabilisers attached to the bicycle you are riding for the first time!

“It’s worth starting out on a pilot project and learning as much as you can,” explains Tom. “Identify the members of your team who are most open to giving it a go and get them working on it together. When you come to use BIM on future projects, these people can help motivate and educate other members of your team.”

Mills explains that instead of opting to split this introductory video into several parts, it was intended to be viewed as one clip to help watchers understand what their project partners will be undertaking if they are new to the world of BIM and are initially unsure of every step.

“BIM demands collaborative working and having an appreciation of the viewpoint of your project team peers. We hope that this way you not only understand what you need to do to get started, but the steps others will have to take too.”

Watch the video below.

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