WATCH – What are Government Soft Landings? The B1M investigate

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

Another digital construction acronym uttered all the more commonly as of late is GSL, standing for Government Soft Landings, but what exactly are they?

Building Information Modelling video platform The B1M extended their encyclopaedia of content earlier today to explain just what GSLs is all about, and Tom Payne, Co-Founder of The B1M was on-hand to explain.

“Buying and moving into a new building that has been specially designed for your use should be a fantastic experience”, explained Tom. “But that’s not always the case and often there is a gap between the Client’s expectations and the performance of the asset that is delivered.

Payne continues: “The UK Government want to change this and have developed something called Government Soft Landings or GSL. It’s an approach that aligns the interests of design and construction with those of operational asset management and the built asset’s ultimate purpose.”

The visual features The B1M’s step-by-step animation of the UK’s Government Soft Landings process map, a really informative graphic complete with narration from Payne. Getting your head around Government Soft Landings will be a walk in the park for you following a view of the video.

View the explanatory clip below.

The B1M were recently in the news after releasing three new Spanish translations of their videos as part of their The B1M ES initiative. We spoke to contributor Iria Carreira about the effort.

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