WATCH – Three new additions to The B1M’s Spanish archive

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

Building Information Modelling video resource The B1M have increased the number of Spanish content for professionals who do not speak English.

In addition to English subtitles for those who are deaf or want to watch on their commute, The B1M added Spanish translations to three of their most popular videos back in November.

Speaking about the project back then, one of The B1M’s Co-Founders Fred Mills told us: “57% of our audience and some 60% of YouTube’s viewership are foreign language speakers so if we’re going to see mass-uptake of BIM, we need to make our content more accessible to them. Spanish is a natural first choice for us given the recent mandate in Spain and the fact that its widely spoken across Latin America.”

The videos to receive new translations are ‘What Happens If I Don’t Do BIM‘, ‘What is a “BIM Model”?‘ and ‘Top 10 BIM Acronyms Explained‘.

Helping The B1M team with the translations is Iria Carreira, BIM Coordinator at Lend Lease. We spoke to her about her involvement and why she wanted to help spread the message of BIM:

“In Spring last year I got invited to speak at EUBIM in Valencia and I realised how a lot of things that were happening in the UK were not getting to Spain. A lot of people were not fully aware of the BIM mandate or the BIM levels that we use here in the UK. I personally enjoy The B1M a lot and admire what Fred and Tom have done for our industry. Creating The B1M ES was a great idea!

“Translating their content to be able to cross the language barrier and not only reach Spain but a lot of Latin American countries and the US is really important for the global BIM community. I am really enthusiastic about BIM and helping to spread the word in my own language is great.”

Watch a playlist of the six videos with Spanish subtitles below.

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