WATCH – The B1M get to grips with BIM Protocol in new video

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

“It is one of the dullest documents that you’re probably ever going to read, but it does do some pretty important things in terms of BIM.”

A frank and honest opening from Fred Mills in the latest clip from The B1M, an insight into the BIM Protocol document that sits at just over three minutes in length.

Mills tackles the perhaps bland documentation in an engaging fashion, visualising each and every step.

“It’s important that everyone producing or delivering information models on a project has the BIM Protocol appended to their contracts,” explained Mills. “This ensures that everyone follows the same standards and ways of working and has the clear right to do so. Responsibility for ensuring that the Protocol is in place rests with the Employer.”

Fred’s advice continues: “You also need to remember that the BIM Protocol was developed as a means of amending existing forms of contract for use on BIM Level 2 projects. It works to a point at Level 2 but the industry is likely to have to fundamentally re-consider how it contracts as it progresses to BIM Level 3 and as work flows are digitised further.”

Watch more advice from The B1M below.

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