WATCH – German professionals talk nationwide BIM adoption: “It is of common interest for both ourselves and the industry to make this happen”

Credit: Deutsche Bahn
Credit: Deutsche Bahn

Another day, another fantastic update on Germany‘s plans regarding Building Information Modelling implementation.

Train operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) have released yet another new video looking at BIM, this time focusing on the thoughts of industry officials and professionals who are actively trailblazing at the forefront of the country’s attempts to best utilise the efficiencies that BIM spawns for all to enjoy.

The visual features clips from Alexander Dobrindt‘s announcement regarding the mandatory utilisation of BIM for infrastructure projects as well as interviews conducted by DB. Dobrindt, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, announced last month that the aforementioned mandate will come into effect in 2020, with pilot projects having already started.

“The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is a pioneer of digital building”, states Alexander in the latest clip. “We now want to be at the forefront of setting standards in order to generate the tremendous value added by BIM in Germany. We know which advantages, quality increases, cost savings and timeliness BIM will result in, which is why it is of common interest for both ourselves and the industry to make this happen.”

Another expert sharing her views is Ilka May, Associate Director at Arup. May, who is also Interim Managing Director of planen und bauen 4.0 – aka the coordinating body steering the introduction of BIM in Germany – also shared her views. She told DB:

“At the moment, we see that many companies and clients in Germany are already using digital methods for the planning, construction and operation of building projects. These are mainly isolated solutions, however. This realisation has led to the creation of the planen und bauen 4.0 [planning and building 4.0] initiative from the centre of the construction industry in spring 2015.

“This initiative is an association of 14 relevant chambers and federations. As its biggest and most important project, planen und bauen 4.0 has developed a phased plan for Germany. This plan is a means to create clarity of future requirements, an initial target level we want to achieve as well as the method per se.”

Heinz Ehrbar – Management Lead for major projects at DB spoke of their BIM future, which includes the Tunnel Rastatt project currently underway.

“DB is Germany’s biggest infrastructure operator and therefore has a pioneering role in the application of BIM. In 5 years’ time, we want to use BIM for the planning of all new standardised and complicated projects. It’s a huge challenge to get this done within 5 years, however the commitment of our people is enormous and I am certain we will succeed,” Ehrbar concluded.

Klaus Pöllath – Vice President of the Central Federation of the German Construction Industry explained that BIM will increase transparency between the government and the public: “In my opinion, citizens have the right to know what is going to be built in the future; this is where we need to deploy visualisations with BIM. With this, we will achieve high acceptance amongst citizens, and it is the task of engineers or the German construction industry to support the client in a way that this is reached.”

The Chairman of RIB Software AG, Michael Sauer also commented, explaining that increasing efficiency by up to 30% will be possible for German businesses who embrace BIM: “In the end, BIM is about industrialising the construction industry. The digitisation and industrialisation helps the construction industry maintain the efficiency that is needed to generate good profits long-term. Ultimately, it’s not a new technology; the technology has already been used by other industries such as the automotive industry or the shipbuilding industry for a long time, and these industries have succeeded in increasing efficiency by up to 30% through the use of digital methods.”

German speaking readers can view the video below.

Many thanks once again to Lisa Feizlmayr, Marketing Executive at Atlas Cloud for her translations. To learn more about Atlas Cloud, visit their Twitter feed and website.

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