WATCH – 4D BIM focus of new video from The B1M

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

Following their videos on both 5D and 6D Building Information Modelling, The B1M have today released the prequel – an explanation of 4D BIM.

Fred Mills is in the host’s chair, explaining that 4D BIM is adding time-inclusive data to assets within an information model. This refers to factors like lifespan of an object, construction and installation period and more.

The inclusion of this information ensures that waste is eliminated from the delivery phase and that less time is spent on-site, one of the most expensive parts of any project. The less time in the field, the more time designing – or simply moving onto the next job, allowing firms to complete more projects in the same time frame as before they adopted BIM.

Fred offers advice to planners in the video, quashing their fears that BIM could spell the end for their profession: “That really isn’t the case. 4D BIM actually brings planners in closer to the heart of the project team. Rather than creating programmes that require several iterations as proposals develop, planners play a greater role in shaping those proposals in the first place. They effectively add more value and become more respected by their peers.”

So there you have it. More explanation out there that whatever your profession, a BIM process will simply aid you and not eradicate you.

Watch the video below.

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