Repeat business from BIM leads to £38m turnover for Castle

Credit: The Journal
Credit: The Journal

A building services business based in the North East of the United Kingdom are celebrating a staggering turnover, much of which is a by-product of the firm’s Building Information Modelling investment.

Repeat business has been cited as the main reason for Hebburn-based Castle‘s £38 million turnover for 2015, an expected aftermath from a BIM process. Considering BIM influences a greater level of collaboration between project partners, companies will often work together again on other projects following their initial partnership due to them understanding that their collaborators have the necessary BIM knowledge.

In addition to Castle’s excellent 2015 financial year, they have already secured half of their target for 2016 and have recently hired several new employees who are solely focused on BIM projects due to the higher amount of work related to the technological process.

Speaking with BDaily, Allan Carr, Commercial Director, said: “This year has been another tremendous year for us and I would like to thank staff for their hard work and clients for their continued desire to work with us.

“Scotland continues to create a wealth of opportunities for us to work with both new and existing clients and as we gain market share I am confident that this will remain to be the case. We have also benefited from local government investment winning projects on the back of Sunderland Council’s investment in developments such as the conversion of the TRW Valves plant in Washington for the production of automotive parts.”

Mr Carr added: “We have an incredibly talented and ambitious team of individuals and, like all successful businesses, we aim to nurture and mentor that talent by giving staff key roles and experiences to enhance their skills allowing us to advance our offering in readiness for further growth.”

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