Newforma release AEC collaboration survey results, launch LeanPlanner product

Credit: Newforma
Credit: Newforma

The folks over at Newforma are kicking off the New Year in quite the fashion, and launching a new product inspired by results of a highly interesting survey results relating to collaboration in the AEC market.

Just 4% of AEC sector construction managers believed that their organisations were effectively collaborating with project team partners. Despite being a survey of just 100 UK professionals and not as indicative as it could be of the wider sector, this is a very worrying statistic.

With so much emphasis on collaboration within a BIM process plus major promotion of Building Information Modelling itself in the run up to the April 4th mandate, why is that figure so low? Why does this report indicate that the supposed increase in BIM adoption numbers is perhaps not happening?

Unfortunately, the answers to the above questions cannot easily be answered, as each and every survey is simply a potential indication of the industry. However, Newforma have taken it upon themselves to combat the lack of collaboration that their survey has suggested is occuring.

Newforma LeanPlanner will provide designers and construction firms with the ability to improve production schedule reliability through functionality such as virtual collaborative task boards and mobile app capabilities, ensuring that all working on a project can see what they need to do and when, at all times and at any location.

“Applying collaborative planning principles to the design and construction industries has delivered both improvements to customer satisfaction and a boost to the overall bottom line. The current process of sticky notes on a wall has been a good first step in the past, but it quickly shows its many limitations,” said Paul Daynes, Regional Director UK & Northern Europe at Newforma.

β€œThe rapidly growing interest in collaborative planning methodologies indicates that visual planning tools like LeanPlanner will have just as large an impact on our industry as Building Information Modelling (BIM) is set to have,” concluded Daynes.

Available in the US since October, the UK version has already been trialled by Costain. Their Production Control Manager Gavin Pearce commented: “With Newforma LeanPlanner, we have seen additional improvements in the way we deliver our strategies for Lean construction and Factory Thinking.

“With virtual collaborative task boards, we have improved the planning and issue resolution with our project teams and partners. Through improved visibility of tasks in defined work periods and shortening the interval of control, we have achieved greater efficiency in project delivery, with an audit trail that enables precise construction status and productivity reporting to our clients.”

This release follows our audio interview with Newforma’s Vice President of Project Management, Shari Zedeck in December.

Click here to find out more about Newforma LeanPlanner.

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