Kusto Group share information of Koktobe City BIM development in Kazakhstan

Credit: KoktobeCity.kz
Credit: KoktobeCity.kz

Details have been shared regarding a mammoth Building Information Modelling housing development in Kazakhstan.

Koktobe City in the nation’s largest city of Almaty is named after Kazakhstan’s tallest mountain which is situated in the city. The build will be carried out by Kusto Group, a Singaporean contractor with a wealth of experience in South East Asia.

Kusto’s expertise will allow this new 12 hectare complex to become the country’s only development with a seismic resistance of higher than 9 points, in addition to the fact that each apartment will be a “smart house”.

According to NUR, the project will feature 1,500 apartments and was signed off by the Almaty Town Planning Board on Boxing Day.

The report states that BIM was implemented to open up the possibility to achieve a higher quality of construction in conjunction with a shorter timescale and significant budget saving.

Located in the Medeu district of Almaty, the complex will be adorned with supermarkets, cafes and restaurants and will also feature a medical centre, central square, two kindergartens and a fitness club with swimming pool. Quite the expansive workload ahead that NUR describe as “the most ambitious mixed-use project” – they are not wrong!

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