Founder of Architecture 2030 discusses BIM usage to combat climate change

Credit: Architecture 2030
Credit: Architecture 2030

The Founder of an international organisation combating global warming has commented on Building Information Modelling’s impact towards lowering carbon emissions.

Architecture 2030‘s Edward Mazria spoke with Le Blog Du BIM, a blog associated with buildingSMART France. He described BIM as an asset to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050, explaining that we already have all that we need to achieve carbon neutrality within the next 34 years, and BIM is just one example.

“The construction sector professionals should be educated regarding the strategies and sustainable design practices, and be equipped with the best tools that will lead to ‘zero carbon’,” stated Mazria. “BIM is an essential component of a sustainable design. It underlies a growing number of tools to analyse and optimise the sustainable design principles applied to areas such as natural lighting, solar gain, real-time analysis of energy. BIM facilitates the success of high performance building designs incorporating a dimension analysis all along the process.”

Furthermore, Mazria was asked about buildingSMART International and their efforts to lower carbon emissions: “Designing our future without carbon will be an international effort,” explained Edward, who is also Senior Principal at Mazria Inc.

“The promises of IFC and OpenBIM standards are considerable: integrated teams with improved coordination and faster decision cycles, an optimized supply, greater efficiency in commissioning, audits, maintenance over time.”

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