Finnish consultancy Pöyry to utilise BIM on Norwegian rail project

Credit: Multiconsult
Credit: Multiconsult

In a coalition of major European proportions, an Italian civil engineering firm have appointed a Finnish consultancy to carry out Building Information Modelling work… in Norway.

Condotte have appointed Pöyry to complete most of the design work on the new Follo line network in Oslo, 5.5km of rock and tunnel engineering to be utilised by high-speed rail. The project has come about following an increased number of commuters in the city ushered in by a greater population in recent years.

Once completed in 2021, the Follo line will be the largest tunnel system in Norway, servicing 150,000 passengers a day.

Further details about the deal are as follows: Condotte were awarded an $158.37m procurement and construction contract back in February 2015.

According to Railway, Condotte will construct “twin-tube Follo Line tunnel between the exit of the three-track tunnel and 1.2km into the mountain/hillside, including the cross passages between the tunnels and the crossing of Ekeberg Oil Depot“. The tunnel will be excavated using drill and blast and drill and split techniques, leaving Pöyry to complete engineering work via utilisation of BIM.

“This is the first large transportation engineering assignment we have won in Norway,” explained Mikko Inkala, Pöyry’s Infrastructure Design President. “Our experts in Norway and Finland are working jointly to tackle the challenges of the assignment in an innovative and reliable way that is characteristic to our work.”

Learn more about the project here.

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