BIMcrunch Editorial: 2015 In Review

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2015 was quite the year wasn’t it?

It was the annum that the world debated whether a certain dress was black and blue or white and gold, saw the debut of Caitlyn Jenner and her subsequent sweep of award wins, and featured an invasion of ball-grabbing and stormtroopers at Autodesk University. All-in-all, it was incredibly crazy.

Away from the drama and hysterics of the above, it was a historic year for the Building Information Modelling community. Companies worldwide are understanding the benefits of BIM and more often than not, they are willing to share their experiences and wisdom with their peers to ensure that we as an industry are all on top of our games, reaching the potential possible.

Whereabouts in the world is BIM becoming the norm? How far has the word of BIM adoption spread? Judging by the collection of countries we featured in 2015, it is safe to say that all continents except Antarctica are hives of BIM development, which is incredibly positive to see. We covered stories relating to 45 countries in 2015, which shows the sheer scale of Building Information Modelling implementation. It is clear that the proverbial penny is finally dropping as everywhere from Haiti to Kazakhstan to Jordan and Latvia appeared on BIMcrunch in 2015. We are delighted to have provided stories from every corner of the globe, and we appreciate you reading about them too!

Much of that aforementioned knowledge and know-how was shared at industry events, the amount of which has absolutely sky-rocketed. There may actually be as many events as there are members of the #UKBIMCrew. The amount of educational, networking opportunities is fantastic, ensuring that there are many avenues to walk down should you wish to learn more about our talented, generous sector. Although with April 4th a stone’s throw away, perhaps you will need to run and not walk down the path to greater efficiencies and greater profit.

Whilst there are an abundance of outstanding industry events that are incredibly rich with information, we have to extend thanks to Geospatial Media and the RTC Events committee for having us at their respective GeoBIM 2015 and RTC Europe 2015 conferences. Taking place in Lisbon and Budapest, these two colossal European behemoth events were very thought-provoking. The Corinthia Hotel was a grand choice of venue for RTC, and it made the event that much more inspirational. I am grateful for your gratitude and hospitality and look forward to connecting with the pair of you again in 2016.

Some of that knowledge was also shared via industry books, two of which were completed in 2015. BIM for Dummies from David Philp, Paul Swaddle and Stefan Mordue was well received, as was David Shepherd‘s BIM Management Handbook. In regards to other publications, we can look forward to the much-anticipated BIM for Landscape from Henry Fenby-Taylor, a book completed in the latter quarter for 2015. Congratulations on all of your success gents!

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Jack's favourite interviewees of 2015, Daniel Yang and Sasha Reed. More information below.
Jack’s favourite interviewees of 2015, Daniel Yang and Sasha Reed. More information below.

Another medium utilised for engaging Building Information Modelling professionals is video, and I would like to congratulate five sources in particular for their incredible work within this field. Our friends at The B1M continued to excel in their quest to educate one million people, and highlights of their content included their series of visuals with Su Butcher and their D-Construct technology review series. The former was a fresh twist on what they are renowned for, with the latter acting as a beacon for highlighting how they are diversifying their offering. I am very excited to see what Fred, Tom and their Inspirers has in store for 2016.

The CIOB and Bluebeam also generated phenomenal videos this year. The CIOB teamed with ITN Productions to produce the outstanding documentary series Building Tomorrow, whilst Bluebeam’s Digital COM series continued and generated a plethora of interesting conversations. Finally, events such as BIMForum in the US and CanBIM in Canada are promoting the efforts of many talented individuals in North America. Their YouTube accounts are stacked with regularly updated content featuring presentations from their events. If you don’t get the chance to attend BIMForum or any CanBIM regional conferences, thankfully they have the best two BIM event YouTube channels in the business.

To close out my thoughts on 2015, I thought to look back at some of my favourite interviews conducted for BIMcrunch in 2015. I managed to conduct 94 interviews in 2015 and my two favourites were episodes of Crunch Time you will not want to miss. If you have already listened to them, then you’re one of my favourite people clearly.

Bluebeam’s Sasha Reed and Fat Sumo‘s Daniel Yang were the perfect interviewees. These chats are what the Crunch Time feature is all about. Not only did they provide information about what they do in their day-to-day roles, but I also got to know them personally and understand their personal viewpoints on various topics. On a personal note, I’m proud of how these two conversations were received and would like to thank both Sasha and Danny for taking part. Two incredibly talented individuals with superb success stories.

2015 was a massive year for BIMcrunch and I would like to thank each and everyone one of you for following us. Our social media follower numbers have soared to heights I did not think was possibly and it is down to your support. You can support us in a different way too by sending us your feedback. Want to see us do something different? Got an idea that could improve our output? I would love to hear from you.

Thank you once again for a tremendous 2015. Here’s to making 2016 even more memorable. There’s kind of a massive UK Government deadline within the first half of the year, so I think we may just achieve that aim!

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