BIM supporting NHS Estates frameworks featured in January’s PBC Today

Credit: NHS, The Telegraph
Credit: NHS, The Telegraph

The January edition of Planning and Building Control Today features a staggering 84 pages of Building Information Modelling-centric content, including a highly interesting look at the BIM future of the NHS.

BIM4HEALTH & BIM4SME representative Karl Redmond, who is also Director at Bowman Riley Innovate & Healthcare ponders the NHS’ stance on BIM and how the Department of Health will provide a pivotal role in assisting that maximum benefits are achieved.

As part of the NHS Five Year Forward Plan, the healthcare service will take advantage of the positive impact the ‘information revolution’ relating to the likes of BIM and GSL will have on the industry, ensuring that ‘all required documentation, data under GSL requirements, BIM data and CDM documentation, before certification of the scheme completion’ are handed over to Principle Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs).

The Department of Health are said to be actively encouraging the NHS to initiate long-term partnerships with PSCPs and their supply chain partners to get the most from the BIM process. ‘Engagement programs’ like these are hoped to enable land and asset deals to deliver capital and long term income streams. Repeatedly working with the same client base will lead to everyone in the process knowing exactly what they need to do, increasing efficiencies and cutting costs and mistakes.

Redmond believes that there is an “immediate need” for the NHS to come together with its clients to enable the best possible service for patients: “The need for the NHS to bring together all groups that work, operate, build, fund and maintain clinical environments has never been more urgent.

“An integrated BIM and GSL process that can be recorded, analysed, benchmarked and accessed intelligently over time by relevant stakeholders will enable more of those stakeholders to make more and better decisions about how best to utilize all asset and facilities. Now more than ever we need to leverage the information available to us all intelligently, effectively and efficiently.”

Credit: PBC Today
Credit: PBC Today

Elsewhere in the magazine, BIM4M2‘s Chair Chris Ashworth comments on Cadvantage‘s recent ‘Adoption of BIM by Architects‘ survey, looking at the role manufacturers have to play to instil confidence surrounding their products into architects.

Also, Bernard Williams Associates scrutinise legal issues relating to BIM for FM. Channelling Star Wars, article author Mike Packham writes: “if applied correctly, BIM and Soft Landings have the potential to deliver many positive benefits and as such can be regarded as a force for the good of FM generally. However we need to beware the “dark side” as represented by legal issues.”

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