BIM Brunch: Mike Turpin

BIM Brunch - Mike Turpin

BIM Brunch is the perfect accompaniment to your dinner break. Featuring some major players from the #GlobalBIMCrew, BIM Brunch is an interview feature where industry specialists talk about their passion for Building Information Modelling amongst other topics of conversation.

Making his BIMcrunch debut today is Mike Turpin, Head of BIM for Capita Property and BIM Champion for BIM Region South. Following a successful presentation at RTC Europe 2015 which was voted in the Top 5 from the entire conference, Mike is here to share with us his thoughts on his role at Capita, the career highlight he has been most proud of, and his favourite things about the AEC industry.

What is your favourite career related website/blog?

BIMcrunch of course! Also, the following are fantastic:

– “Shades of Grey” (no not that one, this one). It’s amazing to see what Andy is able to do in Revit; a true inspiration making the impossible possible.
– The Bond Bryan BIM Blog is also a great resource for all things BIM related.

Do you have a favourite industry book, magazine or publication?

AEC Magazine or The B1M Mail.

The top industry event you have recently been to is?

It has to be RTC Europe, a great conference with some incredibly knowledgeable speakers.

Favourite Twitter handles to follow?

So many brilliant minds are on Twitter but to cover a couple:

@brencass86 & @marcellosgamb for everything Dynamo.
@NigelPDavies for all things BIM.
@allisterlewis for Architecture BIM.
@futurecitiescat my new area of interest.

What is your all-time favourite building?

I love the Cayan Tower in Dubai from a structural point of view and because it stands out so much from every other tower across the city. It’s also fascinating to stand against the façade on the ground and look up at it spiralling into the sky.

I also visited the Walt Disney Concert Hall & The Broad buildings in Los Angeles a few weeks ago both are amazing looking buildings making bold and contrasting architectural statements.

What is your favourite project/initiative you have worked on?

It’s been a few years since I’ve been fully involved with any projects but from my past it would have to be the Marina Mall in Doha, Qatar (at over 1 million sq ft it’s also the largest project I’ve ever worked on!). Another favourite project is the Sea City Titanic Museum in Southampton as it is a local project to me that I walk past regularly.

What is the best thing about the team at Capita?

Our internal BIM team is built up from such a great mixture of people from all levels, backgrounds and disciplines so we get some really good ideas and conversations at each meeting.

What was the first BIM related project or initiative you have been a part of and what did you learn from the experience?

My first full time company BIM role was at a medium sized civil & structural consultancy. I quickly learned that technology and software issues were easy problems to solve but the biggest challenge to any BIM Manager is change management and changing people’s mindset.

The most exciting possibilities Building Information Modelling can offer are?

This is one of those ‘how long is a piece of string’ questions. Once you have every bit of information/data about a site in a single organised location, the possibilities of what you can do with that are almost endless. This could be displaying the information graphically to show design intent to a client or mining the rich data collected to make more informed future maintenance decisions. Personally I am excited to see where the next few years will take us as we look at integrating BIM with virtual/augmented reality.

Who or what made you want to work within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector?

I don’t know why but I have always wanted to be an Engineer for as long as I can remember. Maybe it’s because I am always taking things apart just to see how they work, much to the frustration of anyone around me!

What is your proudest career highlight?

Being offered the job to manage all BIM adoption across Capita and achieving my EngTech title.

What is the best part about your job?

It has to be the day to day variety of topics that come up, Capita is a huge company operating across so many different market sectors that you never know what is going to land in tomorrow’s inbox. I am also very lucky to meet and work with so many great people both in Capita and also in the BIM community.

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Mike will be present at the next BIM Region South event, set for February 4th. Click here to register your interest.

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