Austrian professionals make 2016 predictions: “Sooner or later BIM will be a prerequisite”

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With the start of a new year, there are many a resolution or prediction made regarding what is to come in the new year. To mark the dawn of 2016, Austrian construction professionals have pondered what may be influential in the annum’s 366 days.

Top of the prediction list? Building Information Modelling will alter the industry as we know it.

Austrian site Report gathered opinion from several sector experts including Alexander Schwörer, Sales and Marketing Director at formwork and engineering business Peri. He stated: “The high demand for residential, industrial and infrastructure construction drive our market. Building Information Modelling is becoming stronger in the formwork and scaffolding planning to make processes on building sites more efficient and more economical.”

Another insight came from Josef Janisch, Chairman of IT consultancy Cellent. He expects BIM to become a normality on certain projects: “The trend towards digitisation in the construction industry will continue. Decisive for this are the challenges that all contractors must provide: efficiency, cost control and competitiveness.

“Sooner or later Building Information Modelling (BIM) will be a prerequisite for participation in tenders in Austria. Good preparation will ultimately be critical to success.”

Read on via this link to view the opinions of the other professionals interviewed who discuss the wider construction outlook for Austria.

UPDATE: Over at VOL, Hubert Rhomberg, Managing Director of Austrian resource management experts Rhomberg Group also gave a 2016 prediction for BIM. He said: “The BIM trend is to ensure that planning, implementation and management [are] to be better organized and unified by buildings.

“Software collects all relevant building data digitally, combined and networked, [with] everyone – architects, structural engineers, landscape architects, engineers, etc. – involved and working at the same time in the same system. Sources of error are minimized.”

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