Audio Exclusive: Does Sitedesk’s Michael McCullen think the UK is ready for the mandate?

Michael McCullen 2

April 4th, 2016 is a huge milestone for the United Kingdom‘s AEC industry. Come that day, all centrally procured public sector projects will require the implementation of BIM at Level 2. In addition, centrally funded government departments will be required to provide “clear and complete” EIRs with all contracts.

With such major buzz surrounding that target, it begs the question – is the UK ready?

In an upcoming Crunch Time interview to be published tomorrow (January 22nd, 2016), the Chairman of Sitedesk, Michael McCullen answers the aforementioned question, whilst also giving a plethora of advice for companies wishing to reach the mandate.

Discussing whether the UK has what it takes to meet the deadline with a majority, he said: “I don’t think it is, but I don’t want to do down the great work that’s been done – both by the Government in promoting BIM and by many companies that are trying to take the lead with BIM.

“I think great strides have been made and lots of people have learned a lot about BIM and what BIM will mean for the industry and their own business, but I don’t think the industry as a whole is ready yet.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Michael chats to BIMcrunch Editor Jack White about how Sitedesk can aid those with their Level 2 adoption, what Government Soft Landings mean for building firms in practical terms, the main benefits of creating a digital asset for the construction and operational phases, whether enough companies are taking BIM seriously plus much more.

Listen to a preview of the interview below.

Before Michael’s interview launches on BIMcrunch, check out Sitedesk’s capabilities over at their website.

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