Arup share details of their Tunnel Rastatt BIM project

Credit: Arup
Credit: Arup

Global engineering consultancy Arup have shared details of their latest Building Information Modelling project, acting as a consultant on a new railway tunnel.

Tunnel Rastatt in Rastatt, Germany will be 4,270m and construction will begin in the spring. Deutsche Bahn appointed Arup to assist their work, describing their input as “significant”.

Utilising BIM as a means of planning and advanced visualisation is a relatively new method of working for Deutsche Bahn, and Arup note that their experience in the field means they have been “instrumental”. The client agrees:

“Arup has accompanied and supervised many international infrastructure projects with the help of BIM which allowed us to substantially benefit from this experience and has significantly contributed to the success of the project,” explained Sascha Björn Klar, Project Manager for large scale projects at Deutsche Bahn.

Tunnel excavation is scheduled to start in the next months, with rail traffic to be routed down 20 metres underground, minimising noise for the city’s residents that will be living above the infrastructure. Tunnel Rastatt will also run under the River Murg to reduce its impact on the environment.

This news follows the announcement made last month by the German Government’s Minister for Transport. Alexander Dobrindt declared that BIM will be mandatory all transport projects from 2020.

More information on the project can be found here.

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