Andrews Water Heaters: “The onus is on manufacturers to support clients in making changes”

Credit: Andrews Water Heaters
Credit: Andrews Water Heaters

A West Midlands, UK-based heater manufacturer have commented on the quest to adhere to Level 2 BIM by April 4th, highlighting the importance that product manufacturers have in influencing their clients.

Chris Meir, Sales Director at Andrews Water Heaters references research conducted into BIM adoption that suggests a large amount of contractors are not yet ready for the mandate. He explains that one way of encouraging them to do so is by having their manufacturer clientèle help:

“Research released towards the end of last year has highlighted that a large contingent of contractors are not yet ready for BIM Level 2, which paints a worrying picture given the time that is left.

“There is still time for contractors to achieve BIM Level 2 by the April deadline, however given the huge number of building firms not yet ready, the onus is also on manufacturers to engage with and support clients in making changes that will benefit their businesses in the long term.”

Are enough manufacturers able to help with this new movement from contractors? A variety of them shared their thoughts on this very discussion back in October.

Read Chris’ complete guest article on Building Construction Design.

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