WATCH – Mark Bew talks April 4th: Will all public sector departments be ready?

Credit: Bentley Systems
Credit: Bentley Systems

The Chairman of the UK‘s BIM Task Group, Mark Bew has discussed which public sector departments are set to meet the government’s Level 2 BIM mandate come April 4th, 2016. Will all be on-board?

Not quite.

In an “Straight Talk” interview conducted by Infrastructure Intelligence in conjunction with ACO Group, Bew explains that centrally funded companies are all on-board. When questioned that some companies are to miss the legislation date, Bew said:

“No. All centrally funded departments are all green on the Cabinet Office measure. Some have come a lot further than others; the famous projects that you have seen from the MoJ are fantastic projects and are driving some real benefits and we see the same in schools.”

But which centrally funded departments exactly have April 2016 in their sights, and which others are still poised to adopt BIM?

“Schools, highways, environment, health and home office, those centrally funded ones [are in],” explained Mark. “Those that devolve into a local authority, which includes Network Rail, TFL, those sorts of organisations, that’s for them to choose. Many of them have chosen which is great; TFL and Network Rail both bought into that process.”

The interview, which was filmed back in October, also saw Mark discuss a new Cabinet’s influence on the collaborative ethos that the BIM Task Group has helped promote over the past few years, and he also takes questions from the audience.

Watch Mark discuss centrally funded departments meeting the Level 2 deadline below.

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