WATCH – Holder Construction: “We don’t talk about BIM as BIM anymore, it’s just how we do business”

Credit: HxGN
Credit: HxGN

Georgia, US based contractor Holder Construction have discussed their Building Information Modelling prowess in a HxGN TV video interview.

BIM Manager David Epps discusses the company’s BIM journey with HxGN‘s Kathleen McNeill, whom asks him about how Holder utilise BIM. Epps says that the firm don’t view BIM as something new and different for them any more as they view it as the way they work to deliver results.

“[We use BIM as] part of our project pursuit phase for pre-construction where we work on quantity take-offs and estimation, taking it into 4D simulations and planning for the project, site logistics. Then all of the way through construction where we facilitate quality, coordination and then eventually deliver an as-built to the owner.

“We almost don’t really talk about BIM as BIM anymore. It’s really just part of how we estimate, how we coordinate and how we do business.”

Discussing Holder Construction’s BIM work on the new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons american football team, Epps explains: “A very high profile project. Really, really complex design. We have a great series of people involved from an architecture standpoint, from a contractor standpoint. Everybody is using it and everyone has bought in from a coordination standpoint.

“We’re doing virtual flythroughs, using laser scanning, doing quantity take-offs and estimating and 4D simulation so we’re really all in.”

Watch the video below.

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