WATCH – Experts answer “What Does BIM Mean To Me?” with The B1M

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

What Building Information Modelling means to architects, clients, cost managers, consultants, contractors, manufacturers and solicitors is the subject of the latest video from The B1M.

David Miller of David Miller Architects, the London Underground‘s John Downes, DPW Group‘s Trevor Woods, Digital Node‘s Rebecca De Cicco, Osborne‘s Sean Coleman, Cubicle Centre‘s Craig Sewell and RPC Law‘s Sarah Rock are the seven professionals sharing their views, all giving sound advice.

“For clients, BIM is all about unlocking value from assets,” explains John Downes, London Underground’s Head of Engineering Governance and Services. “It’s about focus on the form, the function and what it’s trying to achieve for the business.

“BIM is absolutely essential to ensure that you’re getting the maximum value out of scarce funds. For a public sector client, it is even more important because the funds that we used to rely upon just don’t exist.”

Rebecca De Cicco discusses how utilising BIM is becoming increasing relevant as the construction industry becomes more digitally efficient. To ensure that efficiency is within your business, training staff with knowledge of how to get the maximum potential from BIM is vitally important.

“This is really important because as we move into the future, obviously we’re lacking skills, we need to upskill and having a consultant to support that and to ensure you have that capability is of paramount importance moving into not only the capability of your organisation but the capability of the industry as a whole.”

Sarah Rock discusses legal implications of BIM Level 2, and how BIM will really have an impact on solicitors when it reaches Level 3. You can also hear her and Rebecca’s thoughts on industry within our interview series conducted at Digital Construction Week 2015, both here, here and here.

Watch the full, informative visual below.

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