WATCH – Arcadis discuss utilising BIM to connect their Global Excellence Centres

Credit: Arcadis, Autodesk
Credit: Arcadis, Autodesk

Global engineering consultancy Arcadis has released a video detailing their reasoning behind Building Information Modelling adoption.

Bram Mommers, BIM Business Development Manager for the firm talks about Arcadis’ several Global Excellence Centres, and how BIM is improving collaboration not just with clients and project partners but also their other offices worldwide.

“Arcadis wants to implement BIM – why? Because it enables us to produce the synthesis to live a better quality, more efficiently, so it’s about excellence and enabling collaboration within Arcadis.

“Arcadis employs about 30,000 people worldwide and we are collaborating especially with out four global excellence centres. With countries like the United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands or the United States, we want to make sure we connect those excellence centres which is why implement BIM.”

Mommers also reflects on Arcadis’ relationship with Autodesk: “Autodesk have really helped us out with revamping our strategy, looking at our BIM standards like the BIM Execution Plan or BIM Protocol, do some pilots together, [project] health checks to see if we are using software the right way.

“Our Customer Success Manager knows our strategy, knows our needs and he can make sure we have the right consultants from Autodesk available.

Great to see Autodesk so hands-on with their clients! Watch the video below to find out more.

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