Waitrose talk BIM: “Don’t try and overcomplicate it… think about the end game”

Credit: The B1M, Waitrose
Credit: The B1M, Waitrose

Waitrose / John Lewis have discussed their attitudes towards Building Information Modelling, with a bold statement looking at defining what exactly BIM is and what it can do for you.

Waitrose’s General Manager of Future Planning, Andy Smith recently spoke at a London BIM Region event which was filmed by The B1M. The video is one of two new uploads to the channel today and Smith tackles the genesis of his company’s BIM adoption in a unique way.

Instead of looking to define BIM right away, Smith urges the delegates to think of what they might need from a BIM process before labelling what BIM is and can mean.

“Don’t try and overcomplicate it. Think about the end game. What is it that the organisation needs, and then define it backwards.”

For Waitrose, their finishing line is to ensure that new stores have been erected as quickly as possible, and that company executives can have the benefits explained easily: “[BIM] is about making life simpler, cheaper and quicker. How quickly can we build a 250,000 sq ft John Lewis store? How much change can I eliminate from the process?

“We’re starting to push into these areas of what traditionally was a construction tool into making it work for the business. If I talk about merchandise availability on shelves, I get the Commercial Director listening. If I talk about building Revit families, he switches off. Why do we need all of this [talk]? It’s all far too complicated.”

Andy also showcases BIM projects in the visual, which can be watched below.

Elsewhere on the channel, The B1M’s Co-Founder Fred Mills‘ presentation from the same event was also uploaded. He discusses whether adopting BIM, or delivering the same old status quo is the best tactic as we approach 2025. It’s a no brainer! Watch that inspiring talk here.

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