Texas’ A&M University tout BIM Cave experience “very few other universities can offer”

Credit: BuiltWorlds
Credit: BuiltWorlds

Remember when we shared video footage of the world’s biggest Building Information Modelling visualisation experience? Well, more information has been released regarding the planet’s largest BIM Cave.

A&M University in Texas, United States is home to the computer-aided virtual environment, which is made up of thirty six different 46” monitors.

The cave was most recently utilised to showcase the projects created by computer science students at the educational establishment, work that was completed during the BIM class portion of their course.

It takes nine interconnecting computers to render the BIM models and synchronise them with the plethora of monitors, but the results are certainly worth the electricity consumption! This state-of-the-art visual medium ensures students “acquire the highest level of knowledge”, according to Joe Horlen, Head of the Department of Construction Science at A&M.

“[We have] one of the finest facilities in the nation for viewing BIM models. The BIM Cave prepares the department’s graduates to excel in BIM positions at major construction companies across the nation. It ensures that our students will continue to acquire the highest level of knowledge and skill in this important area. With the Cave, students are immersed in a structure instead of just looking at it on a screen or a 2D drawing.”

Students create their BIMs in Autodesk Revit, before transferring them to Navisworks, which is then compatible with Cave’s rendering technology.

Julian Kang, Associate Professor of Construction Science also commented on the work his class have been able to achieve: “It’s a learning experience that very few other universities can offer. The 3D image is so large it feels as if you’re actually inside the model.”

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