Report: 66% of Slovak construction companies not planning to use BIM over next 5 years

A new research study has discovered worrying statistics regarding the level of Building Information Modelling implementation in the .

Pozri are reporting that Czech researchers CEEC Research‘s project speaking with Slovak construction companies found that 66% of thems are not planning to use BIM over next five years.

25% of businesses surveyed noted that they were aware of the benefits BIM utilisation can usher in, but even they also admitted they didn’t use it.

Further figures showcase the majority of chief executives unaware of what BIM actually is. A staggering 65% of those in that position who took the questionnaire simply said that they had never heard of it.

Looking at company scale, 31% of large companies had no interest in adopting the technological process compared to 71% of small to medium size. Once again, SMEs engagement and guidance seems to be the toughest nut to crack in the Slovakia too.

The article claims that most firms are not yet understanding the potential as investors are hard to persuade.

A minority of firms have bought in however; they do understand the benefits. 7% said they will adopt BIM within one year, with a further 11% stating that they will integrate BIM into their workflows within three years.

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