Read | Thomas partner with Inreal to bring Enscape to market

Credit: Read | Thomas
Credit: Read | Thomas

German software start-up Inreal have officially partnered with US Building Information Modelling consultancy, Read | Thomas.

In a LinkedIn blog post, the North Carolinian company’s CEO, Phil Read discussed his shock at the capability of Inreal’s rendering software Enscape, a positive reaction that saw him wish to know more:

“I’ve stopped rendering. Enscape™ does in seconds what takes hours and more and I’m never pushing the rendering button again. And I’m never going back. It’s finally possible to walk-through a project with a quality that surpasses rendering. And the only person happier than me? The Client. Because for less than $500 you can purchase Enscape for an entire year.

“After spending decades honing rendering skills, I was immersed in a sublime quality and subtlety of material, lighting and reflectivity would normally take a rendering expert literally days of effort. And then I walked around.”

Phil contacted Inreal and got the team to exhibit at RTC Europe, a conference which Phil is the Global Marketing Manager for. Following that, the team also presented their software at Autodesk University 2015. Discussing their work together, Read continued:

“Suffice to say that Read | Thomas is incredibly proud to partner with Inreal Technologies GmbH to help bring Enscape™ to market. For the last two months we’ve been passionately working with select early adopters to get real-world feedback and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. And last week we added more fuel to the fire at Autodesk University. Lots of high-fives and OMGs!”

OMG yourself and download the free trial of Enscape here.

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