Marina King: “BIM should be treated as a manifestation of the digital revolution”

Credit: ArdExpert
Credit: ArdExpert

Russia‘s Marina King has discussed the nation’s Building Information Modelling future, describing BIM as “a manifestation of the digital revolution”.

The Russian Federation had created a road map for BIM adoption in the country. 23 pilot projects have been selected and results taken from them will be reported to the Government by the end of 2015. From there, the analysed statistics will help create a framework for widespread BIM adoption in 2016.

Speaking with Open Systems Publications, Marina was asked whether she believes state promotion of BIM will influence the wider industry to act, and if in fact the construction industry in Russia is ready. King was positive that Russia is ready, willing and able:

“Absolutely. Participation of the state – a very strong incentive: produced by the rules, there are standards, built up the practice of implementation. And it will increase the demand for these technologies and projects of private investors.

“Of course, it is difficult to invest in these new technologies, the market is shrinking. We actively communicate with the market and see it. Therefore, it is correct to provide them with government support. It may not even be direct budgetary infusions, and for example, permission to use compensation funds for this purpose, which created self-regulatory organizations (SROs), which unites designers from the contributions. As far as I know, some of them are already speculating about it.”

King was also questioned about BIM utilisation with the Internet of Things. She believes IoT is crucially important: “One of the goals of using BIM – maximum customer satisfaction and assessment of their implementation, when the object has already been constructed. To do this, conduct ongoing monitoring of performance indicators, and here is just the place for the integration of the Internet of things.

“By collecting and analysing data from a variety of devices and sensors, you can get a complete picture of the performance goals, as well as build up a huge knowledge base for subsequent reconstruction or construction of new facilities.”

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