Crunch Time: Shari Zedeck

Credit: Newforma
Credit: Newforma

The #GlobalBIMCrew are known for being an incredibly lively, sociable and helpful group of people who love to discuss their experiences within the Building Information Modelling sector whilst attending a plethora of nationwide BIM events. How would you like to get to know even more about your fellow BIM enthusiasts and experts? Crunch Time will let you learn more about your fellow industry members professionally, as well we as personally when they answer fun questions against the clock.

For this episode, BIMcrunch Editor Jack White is joined by Shari Zedeck, Vice President of Project Management at Newforma. Shari is a passionate advocate for encouraging females to become more actively involved in AEC and STEM industries, and she shares ways of how companies can promote themselves to women. How can you market your business to encourage women of all ages that you are the right fit?

Other topics in the interview include the all-important ‘I’ in BIM, the strength of Newforma’s products as Common Data Environments over those of competitors, the industry’s skills gap and her thoughts on areas that AEC companies are struggling with when it comes to Building Information Modelling.

Finally, as well as learning about Shari professionally, you can learn more about her personally in the quick-fire Crunch Time questions.

Listen to the three part interview below.

More information on Newforma and their products can be found over on Twitter or their official website. Shari can be connected with on LinkedIn.

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