Clarkson Alliance discuss Meadow Road BIM housing project, 50 lessons learned

Credit: Clarkson Alliance
Credit: Clarkson Alliance

In the run up to the UK Government’s April 4th, 2016 mandate that will see centrally procured public sector project will require the implementation of BIM at Level 2, Clarkson Alliance are two publish two BIM lessons learned each week relating to one of their projects.

The Oxford-based project delivery consultancy have published two pieces of advice thus far, which they learned to understand themselves through Meadow Road – their 12 unit housing project in East Sussex.

Partly funded by Innovate UK, the Meadow Road project is a small scale investigation of how a BIM process alters the dynamic between the project team and stakeholders. Currently in progress, the homes are set to be finished by the end of 2015.

Graham Clarkson, Managing Director of Clarkson Alliance discussed the project: “The Meadow Road project was selected to conduct research into the application of BIM, as its size which is under £2m in value is representative of the typical construction project within the UK. The lessons learnt from our BIM research project will be extremely valuable to clients of the UK construction industry wishing to gain the benefits of adopting BIM.”

One of the first housing developments in the UK to utilise 3D modelling, Clarkson Alliance thought that the £1.4m scheme was perfect to utilise as a case study for others to learn from.

So what are the lessons learned? There will be 50 lessons in total published over the end of 2015 and first three months of 2016, two of which are already out there. Explaining the importance of the CDE selection process, the consultancy wrote:

“Think about how you will communicate throughout your project. Will you just use [the CDE] for document management? Do you need it integrated with contract management? Choose an appropriate platform to meet your needs.”

CAP were recently featured on BIMcrunch following their decision to select Elecosoft products as their chosen cost management platform company wide.

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